About Me

      I am beginning my second year of living in Tunis, Tunisia where my husband and I work at an international school,  but that is a recent chapter of my story.  My family and I spent the previous 10 years living as expats in Asia, first for five years in Singapore and then for five in Kathmandu. 
     I love seasons.  I realized this when I moved to Singapore where there is just the one.  I never felt completely in my skin there.  Next, came Kathmandu, with two full seasons:  hot and monsoonal and dry and cold.  Truthfully, there is a little shoulder on each side, but it’s not much. 
    Moving to Tunisia with four distinct seasons is reawakening my love for all of the incremental distinctions of each phase of the year.  To experience these in a country that subsists on its local food production makes the experience complete for me. 
    I write a lot about our daily life experiences in Tunisia, but then switch bases when we go to our home on Lummi Island, Washington or when we travel. In case you are wondering who all of the handsome men in the photo are, one is my husband, Allan, and the other two are my sons, Gabe and Anton, who are music majors at a university in the United States.

Why Bergamot Orange?
     I named the blog Bergamot Orange because it was one of the most delightful things I discovered since moving to Tunis.  The fact that such a tiny fruit packs so much essence and exoticism seemed to make a great metaphor for a place to hold writing about discovery and enjoyment in life.